About Core Probe: Geoprobe Services/History/Statement of Qualifications

CoreProbe International, Inc. (CoreProbe) is an experienced, fully insured, competitive company offering full service environmental, geotechnical field services under California Professional Geologists all under the same roof. In addition, CoreProbe offers complete Direct Push (DP) and Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) Drilling services via the Geoprobe System throughout Southern California and other selected western states. CoreProbe specializes in limited access subsurface investigations in Refineries, Gasoline Service Stations, Dry Cleaners, Print Shops, Machine Shops, Plating Facilities and all hard to reach, logistically difficult facilities that are in need to comply with state and local regulatory agencies environmental compliance laws.

CoreProbe, since its establishment in June 1994, has provided cost effective direct push services via Geoprobe equipment on over 3,500 projects in Southern California. The geological and engineering expertise of our staff uniquely prepares CoreProbe for a wide variety of projects. CoreProbe's Federal Tax Identification Number is 95-4747614. CoreProbe has been awarded a General Services Administration, Region 4 (GSA) contract (No. GS-10F-0147U). CoreProbe has a C-57 Well Drilling (Water) Contractors License, Haz - Hazardous Substances Removal License and A - General Engineering Contractor License (No. 772519). In addition, CoreProbe is a certified MBE/DBE/SBE with LACDPW, MTA, California Unified Certification Program, City of Los Angeles and a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development (BD) contractor.

CoreProbe was incorporated as a California S-Corporation in 1999 to serve the Southern California Environmental and Geotechnical industry. At the present time CoreProbe counts with six Geoprobe units; the Geoprobe 7822DT is a remote control high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for off road and limited access work. This machine is equipped with hollow stem auger and optional down-hole rock coring capabilities including a 2L4 Moyno pump. The GA4000 Auger head is capable of turning up to 8.5" OD augers to set up to 2" wells and perform geotechnical test such as SPT, RS60, split spoon and Shelby tube sampling. This rig is also capable of driving 3.25" O.D. rods and install up to 1.5" I.D. pre-packed wells. The 6610DT unit is a remote control track rig that provides of road and limited access capabilities also capable to drive 3.25" O.D. rods and install up to 1.5" I.D. pre-packed wells. The 5400 Geoprobe unit mounted on a Ford F-350 4 x 4 pick up truck, the 4220 Geoprobe unit mounted on an all terrain 4 x 4 Kawasaki Mule, the Geoprobe 540M Limited Access Rig (LAR) dolly mounted unit with a remote Stanley power unit and finally the Geoprobe 420M dolly mounted ultra LAR (Badger) capable of reaching extremely tight places with a remote power unit.

All CoreProbe's Geoprobe units are capable to collect undisturbed soil, soil gas and groundwater samples via Dual Tube, Large Bore, Macro Core, MC5, install single and multiple nested vapor implants and Screen Point 15/16 & 22 samplers respectively. In addition, the 7822, 6610 and 540M Geoprobe units are equipped with Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) capabilities. All CoreProbe Geoprobe units have the capability to install small diameter pre-packed wells for both vadose zone and groundwater saturated zone. The Geoprobe 7822DT, 6610DT and 5400 units have the capability to core cement slab up to 16" thick and 24" diameter taking advantage of the hydraulic spin power of the GH40, 60 and 64 hammers with the up and down power of the Geoprobe stem. Moreover, the CoreProbe Injection Trailer counts with the DP 800 Geoprobe injection pump gives the versatility to do ORC, HRC and other chemical injections and the GS 1000 and 500 grout pumps provide tremie well and boring abandonment. CoreProbe's subsurface investigation equipment includes the 2004 Pacific Tek model PVW-220S vacuum excavation system for subsurface utility clearance (pot-holing). This rig complements the CoreProbe's Geoprobe Direct Push fleet. This vacuum system is mounted on a Chevrolet C2500HD to minimize site encroachment. The PVW-220S vacuum excavation system was specially designed to suit the site assessment work via DP Technology and HSA drilling industry and to eliminate the need to schedule multiple vendors.

CoreProbe has developed a partnership with several California certified laboratories; therefore, CoreProbe can also provide mobile laboratory facilities for onsite analytical results for soil, soil gas and groundwater samples.

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