Geoprobe Systems Subsurface Sampling Equipment

Good, representative, subsurface samples (discrete soil, continuous soil core, soil vapor or groundwater) are vitally important for successful field surveys. Many of our customers currently use hollow stem auger drill rigs to collect samples. Conventional drilling is time consuming, expensive and generates cuttings which are potentially contaminated requiring costly disposal and plenty of aggravation.

No cuttings, No Drums, No Hazardous Waste

Geoprobe Equipment is an excellent alternative to conventional drill rigs and does not generate cuttings. You can use our Geoprobe Equipment for all types of subsurface samples. Applications include property assessments, plume tracking, UST investigations, soil vapor sampling and methane surveys. Customers have used Geoprobe equipment successfully at depths exceeding 100 feet. In addition, CoreProbe can collect groundwater samples without installing permanent wells or collect continuous core samples with Geoprobe equipment.


Sampling is Fast

The Geoprobe deploys with ease and is ready to begin sampling in just minutes. In less than five minutes you are often able to achieve desired sample depths using the Large Bore discrete sampler. Soil sampling is generally conducted at 5' intervals. CoreProbe is capable of producing a minimum of 200 linear feet per day in optimum subsurface conditions. CoreProbe offers different sample sleeves such as acetate, teflon, brass and stainless steel. Using our Macro Core Soil Sampler and/or dual tube soil sampler, you are able to collect continuous core samples as well. Each sample is encased in a clear liner and is easily removed to readily view lithology.


Analysis is Immediate

CoreProbe has developed a partnership with local laboratories therfore, CoreProbe is able to provide our customers with an immediate analysis of the numerous samples collected by mobilizing a state certified mobile lab unit with a field chemist equipped with a HP gas chromatograph. Typical applications include the analysis of TPH, BTEX, MtBE, TRPH (volatile organics, gasoline, oil, etc).


Save Money - Focus Mobilized Personnel - Good Science

Our skilled operators and technicians are OSHA 40 hour trained and are familiar with the operation of all equipment. Because we collect and analyze so many samples so quickly, we can aid in the investigation of a site in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Most importantly, you are able to make a field decision with high levels of confidence and in turn you can focus the efforts of your mobilized personnel to maximize their efficiency in the field. We are able to collect in a day the amount of information that has typically taken days, weeks, even months by other methods. It is important to note that CoreProbe International Inc, acts solely as a subcontractor to our clients. It is our goal to support your efforts by providing precise and immediate recovery of soil, water, and vapor samples collected with the Geoprobe System.


CoreProbe International-Goundwater Monitoring Services

CoreProbe International Inc, is also outfitted with well development and sampling equipment to perform groundwater development, purging, sampling and well abandonment operations. CoreProbe International uses Grudfus® submersible pumps. All these services are performed onsite by qualified field technicians.


Geotechnical Services

CoreProbe International, Inc. is equipped to conduct full Geotechnical soil sampling services and Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) all within the same mobilization.

The RS60 Geotechnical Soil Sampler, the largest member of the Geoprobe soil sampler family. This sampler retrieves a soil core nearly 2.5” (60 mm) in diameter. This type of soil sampling is widely used in the Geotechnical field for exotic test such as Triaxial test to measure shear strength of soil types plus other test to measure elastic properties, density and compaction of different soil types.

The Geoprobe Automatic Drop Hammer is an effective way to collect Standard Penetration Test (SPT) blow counts from our Geoprobe 6610DT machine. The inconsistency that was historically been a problem for the SPT test is minimize with the repeatable, accurate function of this hammer. The 140-pound weight has a 30-inch free fall before making contact with the anvil so every test is performed the same.

Drop Hammer Informaion: PDF file

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The Cone Penetration Test (CPT) is a reliable and cost-effective method for determining sub-surface stratigraphy as well as obtaining many geotechnical parameters. Anchoring is straightforward; up to three (3) anchors are screwed in competent soil or set in concrete slab to provide up to a 9-ton reaction force. Additional anchors can be set to increase the reaction force for deeper soundings. Please refer to the Cone Penetration Testing section for more detailed technical information.

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