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Core Penetration Testing (CPT)

A CPT test is commonly used to determine the subsurface statigraphy in situ (in place) and to estimate geotechnical parameters of the materials present. The Geotech CPT system is unique for its cordless data transmission system: a constant stream of data is sent to the surface through the sounding rods. No cable through the rods needed. Cordless CPT offers many advantages over conventional CPT systems which use a cable through the sounding rod bore for data transmission. With this cordless system, the entire CPT sounding process is simplified; the operator does not have to manage data cable as the rods are cycled in and out of the sounding hole. Rod handling is efficient and the risk of cable damage is eliminated. Since the rod bore is free and clear, it can be used for lubrication grouting as the rods are pushed into the ground and for retraction grouting (hole sealing) as the rods are pulled.

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