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Continous Core Sampling
AKA Dual Tube Soil Sampler (DT21)

The DT21 system allows the user to perform dual tube type soil sampling using 2.125-inch probe rods. It is best suited to multi-interval continuous coring (collecting samples past the 20-foot range). It also enables you to collect continuous soil cores through a cased probe hole confirming the security of your sample from cross contamination and, as a result, satisfying onsite regulatory requirements. The DT21 uses Geoprobe 2.125 inch OD probe rods as an outer casing to a second set of 1.0-inch probe rods. The smaller rods are inserted into the casing with a liner attached via the DT21 liner drive head. For sample recovery, the DT21 allows you to pull each sample out of the casing by hand-100% faster than using the probe unit. Once you've dual-tubed to the bottom of your last interval, a pre-packed well can easily be set. Or, if groundwater monitoring is not required, seal the probe hole with high-integrity bottom-up grouting all in one trip. Once in. Once out. You've got soil samples everywhere, set a monitoring well or simply grout the hole to meet regulatory specs, and you’re done. Case closed.

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