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Soil Gas Sampling, Monitoring and Sparging Implants

Geoprobe permanent implants have been used for a number of years for soil gas sampling, air sparging, and groundwater sampling. Geoprobe implants feature the following advantages:

• Placed through bore after rods have been driven to depth.
• Variety of implant lengths to suit the application.
• Designed to fit a wide array of tubing materials and sizes.
• Can be set at any depth attainable by direct push (100+ ft [30 m])
• Convenient and inexpensive devices for long term soil gas monitoring, air sparging, and groundwater sampling.
• They can be used to measure radius of influence in vapor extraction projects.
• Screens made entirely of stainless steel.
• 0 0.0057 in. (0.14 mm) pore screen size.
• For use with 5/8 in. and 1/2 in. ID rods.

Geoprobe Implants are "Post Run" Devices Inserted After Rod Driving
Geoprobe implants are unique in their ability to be "Post Run" ... they are not carried in the rod during probe driving, but rather inserted down the bore when the appropriate depth has been reached. Once the implant is slid down the bore, it is simply rotated to attach it to the anchor point used during driving. As probe rods are removed from the hole, the implant and associated tubing remain firmly anchored at the bottom.

Geoprobe implants are constructed of double woven stainless steel wire Screens All end fittings are stainless steel as well. Implants are available in 6 in. (152 mm) lengths with the AT86 series, 21 in. (533 mm) lengths with the AT87 series, or 12 in. (305 mm) lengths with the new AT96 series, The user can also connect multiple 21 in. (533 mm) lengths together using the AT89 series implants. Geoprobe implants have a pore diameter of 0.0057 inch (0. 145 mm).
The bottom end of Geoprobe implants use our standard "PRT" style thread, the same fitting style used with our popular PRT vapor sampling tools described earlier in this section. The AT89 implant uses a PRT socket thread at its top end, allowing multiple lengths to be coupled together.

LA City Methane Study - Zone Requirements


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