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Micro Wells / Sparge Points and/or Piezometer

All Geoprobe® units are capable of installing up to 1.5 inch diameter Micro Wells and Sparge Points/Piezometer by driving the appropriate size probe rods with an expendable anchor point inserted at the bottom. A string of rods are driven to a desired depth. A PVC, repacked,or stainless steel screen riser is then lowered through the center of the probe rods and connected to the self centering, expendable anchor point at the desired depth interval. Blank riser is then installed to surface. If repacked wells are being installed, the seal is installed via Geoprobe pressure grout machine. As the probe rods are retracted, the filter pack is poured down hole through the rods to fill the annulus space if temporary well or sparge point is being installed. A bentonite seal is installed one foot above the screened interval and the remainder of the cored hole is filled with granular bentonite or trimie grouted to one foot below surface grade. The well head is capped and a well cover or monument is cemented to surface. The completed wells are ideal for either vadose or groundwater sparging and monitoring. Please refer to continuous core sampling (DT32) section for additional information on well installation procedures.

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